Loki about pic.jpg

Loki has been expressing himself through art since he was 4 years old. His art evolved more into art-inspired fashion design once he reached high school. He began redesigning his clothes and painting various artwork on them to create his own individual look. Soon after, he started selling exclusive custom wearable art designs to his peers and fellow classmates who were also looking for ways to express their own unique style with art.

With a focus on nature, many of his designs will feature leaves, feathers or owls to symbolize what draws him into the natural beauty and intrigue of life. Loki has 3 signature art design collections: "Spl'Art" featuring a unique customizable splatter-art style (shown on hat brim in portrait above), "Mashout" featuring a 2D/3D combination of painting, and "Mystic Owl" featuring a variety of fantasy/abstract-styled owls.

Loki works with plain apparel and accessory items that would make interesting "canvases" for his art. “I want to transform the piece by adding my unique art designs. I also love customizing, so you can create your own personal style to your piece!"

So far, Loki has hand-painted and customized a variety of clothing items for all walks of life-including hats, shirts, jackets, pants, skirts, shoes, bags, and more.

Today, Loki operates his own Wearable Art Design brand -Loki Designz- with the help of his wife Bianca, and their three children, Michael, Lily, & Matteo who now each play creative roles in the business! Loki adopted the “Love Is Key” motto for his work-which he also created a unique logo design for tees, etc.

“When I really understood what mattered to me the most, I realized it was love, primarily unconditional love because it supersedes anything else...when you can love life and the people in it no matter what”.

“Not just a label, a lifestyle!” -Loki Designz